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Create additional income On-line

Good news: It doesn’t take a special personality, talent or even luck. Making money on-line has never been easier…you just need to know what to do and have the right affiliate offers. I’ll show you what is working for me and thousands of others. Get my Act 2 Blueprint and get your time back.  Whether you are a newbie or experienced on-line networker,  you can get great results. The secret is knowing what to focus on and what actions to take consistently.

Use  the 4-part Act 2 Blueprint I followed which took me out of my daily commute and airless office to my own personal style of freedom.


Alan Watts asked “What makes you itch?” 40 years ago and the message is more relevant today than ever!

Alan Watts “What makes You Itch?”

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I won’t lie…it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t overnight…I learned new skills, put in the effort, and it did pay off, quickly.  I KNEW if it was “going to BE”, it was “UP TO ME”.

The payoff?

I am financially free and I own my time. I decide how I spend it and with whom. My lifestyle is completely flexible now. I work on my own terms where and when I want. My eyes have seen a whole different way of living that I didn’t know existed for average people like myself. I recently joined one of my mastermind teams in Phuket, Thailand.

Its about having options and being able to comfortably meet your obligations and gracefully living your life. I have the option to travel anywhere I choose but, right now, my dream lifestyle is to live a quiet, indulgent life caring for my mother who is 91 years young. I am so grateful for every day that I have to the time to spend with her now – shopping, playing cards, chatting over tea, entertaining at home. Very grateful to have the life I choose.

Why entrepreneurship is feasible for anyone in the new millennium

With the cheap technology of internet and mobile networks available globally, a home-bound caregiver like myself can connect with people all over the world who are are looking for my services and products. Anyone can build a market if they learn the skills, techniques and tools…        More

Every business needs Internet/Mobile marketing!

Every business needs customers and unless you already have a long list that knows and trusts you, you will run out of people you know soon enough. That “word of mouth” thing is sort of like cousins who keep marrying each other…sooner or later the “blood gets thin”!

Knowing the fundamentals of internet marketing will help any business and the professional skills allow you to earn from marketing activities for yourself or as a service provider for others. They just don’t teach this stuff at the university!…   More

The quickest way to positive cashflow is through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate networks are the middle man between affiliates (marketers) and web sites with affiliate programs and  are a win-win situation for everyone involved. Internet-based merchants hook up with affiliates to generate traffic to their web sites. Affiliates get paid if the traffic from their site visits the merchant web page…   More

There are five critical factors to increase success. ..

I got mine! What’s yours??

Learn how to get started with my Act2  Blueprint, four PDF modules and if you are ready to get serious,  I invite you to  setup a phone appointment on my calendar and get your questions answered.