Baby Boomer Replaces 401K Income In Less Than 6 Months


  A Baby boomer story… In 2008, I had a projected annuity income from my 401K savings of $2200/month. After the financial crisis of 2008, that projection dwindled to $1500, overnight. At the time I was still a few years away from retirement earnings and still working full time to accumulate more savings to ensure…

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A Residual Income… the Easy Way


The quest for residual income When I first started looking into residual income, I tried network marketing. It worked but I was working way too hard. It was residual income as long as I continued to work and being within 10 years of retirement, I wondered how long I would continue to be able to…

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Speed Blogging


Good money with speed blogging? Have you ever wanted to make an income online and heard of people make good money with speed blogging? Do you want to know how they do it? If you are going to be online, you need a “hub” site which  is a blog or a website. That is your…

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Boomer Blogging – Quick Start


Blogging career Blogging is the simplest, easiest, low tech way to establish presence on the internet today. You don’t need a professional web developer for setups, layout adjustments, or functional codes. Most functions, such as purchase buttons, photo galleries, audio and video players, indexes, site search, etc. are simply built in or plopped on. Easy.…

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Blogging Boomers – Where To Start?


So in my previous post, I hope I opened minds about the tremendous opportunity of professional blogging for boomers and anyone who wants a great lifestyle. I am not considering blogs about pictures of the kids, my vacation, the odd thought that occurs in traffic, pet peeves, and journal entries. Although those may be interesting…

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Build Web Traffic Painlessly


Do you need leads, traffic, sales, income? Learn how I created $1700 in 4 days with a new program! $350 was in residual income…that means, every month! Whether you are experienced or not with on-line marketing, you will be amazed at the money you can earn while you learn the best methods of building a…

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Creating Great Blog Content


Blogging continues to be the best way to create traffic and build your list. To be effective with your blogging, you need to blog daily. If you are not a writer and new to internet marketing, this can be a daunting task. There is always the struggle of what to share on your blog and…

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Blogging is Sales – get over it!


Pre-blogging days… As a management consultant. I felt happier as the business analyst who worked with the sales team to determine the requirements, design the solution and develop the client’s project. I relieved that I didn’t have to sell. Over drinks one evening I mentioned this to the sales lead as we were celebrating another…

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