Using Technology and Staying Human in your Business


21ST Century Thinking  What can be done with technology and machines and what is unique to the human experience — this is what we must sort out. Technology can make our lives better or just busier..

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Staying Healthy in the 21st Century (Video)

Living in the 21st Century We know more about health and wellness and have the tools to monitor and measure as well as, prevent and cure more accessible than ever before in history.  As a good citizen, we   owe it to ourselves, families, and communities to care for ourselves first. Like the airplane attendant…

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Can you Really Make Money by Blogging?


make money blogging Do a quick search on your favorite search engine, and you’ll find dozens of ways to “make money online blogging,” and thousands of people who are doing it. You’ll also find plenty who have failed,

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What Is Your Why In Network Marketing?

Identify Your “Why” in Network Marketing You hear it over and over in the world of network marketing, you need a strong “why” to sustain you while you are building your business.  And often the “why” is about eliminating bills and

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Living with Chaos in Business


Have you learned to live with chaos yet? I remember, as a management consultant, listening to an industry “guru”, tell an audience of leaders that change will be the only constant in the future.

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Project AWOL is breaking hearts!

Some of the stories I am hearing from my team are amazing! To watch people change from a short term game of getting through the month, or even the day…

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Baby Boomer Replaces 401K Income In Less Than 6 Months


  A Baby boomer story… In 2008, I had a projected annuity income from my 401K savings of $2200/month. After the financial crisis of 2008, that projection dwindled to $1500, overnight. At the time I was still a few years away from retirement earnings and still working full time to accumulate more savings to ensure…

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A Residual Income… the Easy Way


The quest for residual income When I first started looking into residual income, I tried network marketing. It worked but I was working way too hard. It was residual income as long as I continued to work and being within 10 years of retirement, I wondered how long I would continue to be able to…

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Options for Home-based Business


Home-based business making sense So you are curious or you have actually made a decision that a home-based business makes a lot of sense to you. There are hundreds of products, companies that come and go, gurus and not gurus creating a crazy noise on-line. The bottom line is this.

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Make Extra Money Now


how to make extra money? Do you want to learn how to make extra money to help cover those unexpected bills you have? Do you need to work from home, as I do? Caring for an aging parent,

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Tax Advantage for Home Businesses


Tax Advantage Matters As the deadline for 2012 taxes looms around us, it is time for all small business owners and entrepreneurs to collect all the expenses we are entitled to deduct. One of the benefits of having a small business is the tax advantages so don’t shrink now.

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Using Facebook Ads To Make Money Online


Any on-line promotion and advertising campaign can be helped by incorporating a Facebook ad campaign into the mix. The internet is the hottest place today to make money online. If you are planning to

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Time to put a Warning Label on Graduate Schools?

college debt 3

As Debt Rises and Job Prospects Dim,By Stacey Patton, Washington This isn’t just the year of the massive open online course; it’s also the year of two other hot topics in higher education—student debt and a barren job market for graduating students.

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I found the Pony!


My biggest frustration with internet marketing is the enormous amount of hype around it! Like all things, I believe if the pile of sh*t is large enough, there is probably a pony somewhere…so I started a long search this time last year for the “pony”in internet marketing.

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